Is Piracy Moral? A Philosophical Perspective

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Let us talk about philosophical questions many people still wonder about. I would say that nearly every people that use the internet at least have done piracy once in their lifetime. This begs the question, Is Piracy Moral? After all, we can’t deny that it is so easy to get the content without paying the […]

Pandemic Privacy – The Importance for You

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We all know during these hard times there is always someone who take advantages of the situation. And that’s include many corporations and government around the world. With the pretext of “slowing the spread” many applications in your smartphone now actively track you more than ever. Heck, even Google and Apple use everything they can […]

Why You Should Not Use Linux

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In this post I will talk about why you should not consider of running Linux. This will be a short post. I will not talk about anything complex other than some circumstances that makes it impossible to run Linux. So, without further talk, here is it. You work in printing industry. There is no possible […]

Blogging is not as easy as you think

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I know that title sound provocative, but it actually is. Blogging is not as easy as you think. Today i should post another article about torrenting, but that doesn’t happen because some sources still need research. So, this post is a little bit like a rant. You can read on, because i will explain some […]

Privacy in digital era is important

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In this day and age many entities can track what you are doing on the internet. That is because every type of work now really dependent on the internet connection. When the last you remember you would do your work without internet? With all advantages that the internet has to offer, there is some catch […]

What is Seedbox – a Definitive Explanation

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So, in the earlier post about torrenting I mention a little about seedbox. If you’ve never heard it before, you must be wondering, what is exactly a seedbox? Not to worry, I will explain in layman terms that everybody can understand, no exception. Without further ado, this is it. In essence, seedbox is basically your […]

Windows 10 LTSC – Why you might want to use it

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You may know there are many variant of Windows 10. For now, we will be talking about the variant that many people still doesn’t know about, Windows 10 LTSC. As for it’s name, Windows 10 LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) is a specifically operating system variant made by Microsoft for mission critical devices that don’t need […]

The best Torrent client in 2020

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In this article I will tell you some of the best torrent client you should use. This is important because a good torrent client will make your download faster, safer and also you can avoid any advertisements. You don’t want to look at any ads when you are downloading, aren’t you? Not to drag you […]

The ultimate reason why Linux will never die

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Here i will make my ultimate argument why Linux, no matter what happened, will never die. The reason I write this is because some people search “is Linux dying?” on google search. This is understandable because those people still doesn’t know that in fact, Linux is everywhere and not only for desktop computer. So, this […]

Why Torrenting is the best way to transfer and download large files

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I assume that every one of you already know what torrent is (i mean the bittorrent protocol). I am here to make an argument why the bittorrent protocol is the best way to transfer, share, and download any type of files, especially large files. I don’t want to argue about the legality of torrenting, because […]