Blogging is not as easy as you think

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I know that title sound provocative, but it actually is. Blogging is not as easy as you think. Today i should post another article about torrenting, but that doesn’t happen because some sources still need research. So, this post is a little bit like a rant. You can read on, because i will explain some difficulties that comes with blogging. And why i suggest you not to make blogging as your main source of income, despite what other people said. You should try to treat blogging only as a hobby and find another job with stable income, I’ll explain why.

First, we should do a reality check. You will have a little chance to get money from blogging (if any). The reason is that how do you think a popular blog / website get their viewer? Most of them get them by ADVERTISING THEIR OWN BLOG. It means that someone must spend money in order to get viewer. Crazy right? You still don’t know when you’ll get money, yet you have to spend money first in order to get viewers. That’s the harsh truth that many people would not talk.

Next, let’s talk about quality content. Everyone knows that to get loyal followers, you need to have quality content and release it in a constant manner. The problem is that are you ready to be consistent to write for your blog? Now i know that in every blog, not every content will be excellent, that’s part of human nature. But, are you sure your content will not deteriorate over time? If you are being forced to consistently release your content every day (or several times every week), how do you quality control that? That’s another difficulties in blogging we’ve dealt with.

Of course, blogging doesn’t stop in just creating content, you have to actually maintain your blog. I don’t want to write about blogging tips because there are many bazillion blogs who writes about that. You have to make sure to get the right hosting provider. Not to mention you must be preparing your blog / website from potential attacks from irresponsible person. And lastly, if you don’t get any income from your blog, how are you supposed to pay your hosting provider? That’s why in the beginning of this article I tell you to treat blogging as a hobby, not your main source of income.

Now, I don’t want to discourage anyone from blogging. If you want to blog / start your own website, go ahead, more power for you. But remember to set your realistic expectations. Don’t be surprised if your blog does not perform as you might expect. Because in the end there are many people who blogs for years, yet they still waiting for their first income, just ask reddit if you don’t believe me. So, what I want to say is this: good luck for your journey! Don’t let anything that doesn’t meet your expectations get in your way!

If you have any critics / comment about this. Please let me know in the comment box below. I will read and respond to any comment. Thank you.


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