My first post in this website

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I don’t know what to say. This is the first post ever on this website. First of all, I’ll tell you why i created this website. The premise is simple: To convey my thoughts and opinions about everything.

You may ask: why did you created a website just for that? Why don’t you just write in other forms of social media? Granted, there are many online platform you can write for free. The answer is actually simple: privacy. That’s all. No other reason to me to start writing online other than simply privacy reasons.

When you created your own website, you control the data on your own website. You actually own your writing (as opposed to write on social media when the owner have a right to your writing, not you), and more importantly, because of the server to host your website is yours (well, maybe you rent an online website hosting, like most of people) you have ultimate control about how your website should look, without any limitations.

Lastly, i want to write with my own pace. Hopefully i will be able to post everyday. But if that’s not possible, i still think it’s better when no one forced you to write anything so you can write whenever you like. Let’s say, some platform forced you to write two articles everyday, can you do it? maybe. Do you enjoy writing it? definitely not if that’s a thing that you have to do no matter what. So, by owning your own website, really that’s a definition of freedom. Because nobody tell you what to do.

And that’s why i created this website


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