Pandemic Privacy – The Importance for You

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pandemic privacy

We all know during these hard times there is always someone who take advantages of the situation. And that’s include many corporations and government around the world. With the pretext of “slowing the spread” many applications in your smartphone now actively track you more than ever. Heck, even Google and Apple use everything they can to monitor you whenever you go. So, this begs the question, is your privacy at risk during pandemic? After all, you are afraid the government will know everything about you. Without further talk, here is my assessment.

Not Really. Your privacy is NOT at risk during this pandemic.

Sounds nothing special right? Am I not paranoid about this? Am I already brainwashed? The answer is no. Here is my reasoning, the privacy-invasive program to slowing the spread of the virus, is only temporary. That’s the distinction, it’s only temporary, when the pandemic is over, all privacy invasive apps will disband itself.

Now, what should we do in these times? My suggestion to you is this:

  • If the government mandate their people to install some application to slow the spreading of virus, just do as they say. After all, if you don’t do what the government say, it’s illegal right?
  • If the government only make an application as “optional” feature and not all their people should install it. My suggestion is don’t install anything to your phone, just leave your phone as it is and do not install any privacy-invasive apps. You will be good.

This suggestion is only a grain of salt and you should not take it as a face value. Every country has different laws to follow according to their needs. After the pandemic is over, we can protest if many privacy intrusive apps still exist. Until then, we should care about each other to stop the spreading of the virus.

If you have any comment related to protecting your privacy during the pandemic, please let me know. Thank you.


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