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Privacy data

In this day and age many entities can track what you are doing on the internet. That is because every type of work now really dependent on the internet connection. When the last you remember you would do your work without internet? With all advantages that the internet has to offer, there is some catch that we should consider, that is our privacy.

I will present to you my own original argument about why we should care about privacy. Before that, we should first define what is privacy, specially online privacy.

Privacy, is your right to opt-out tracking capability by internet companies and the ability to turn off targeted ads. Now you may realize that my definition is different than what other people tell you. The reason is that many functions on the website or apps need basic tracking in order to serve you. When you log in to your banking account, how the bank suppose to give you your account information if they don’t know who you are? If you search something in DuckDuckGo, how are they able to give you search results without knowing what you want to search in the first place?

My point is online privacy simply your ability to turn off any identifiable information that can be traced back to you.

Now we already know what online privacy is. The next discussion is this thing actually important to you? After all, you don’t have something to hide. You are not criminals and you have no business with law enforcement. So why should you care? Well, the answer is simple. Because it is a human right to have privacy. Because it is your intrinsic freedom that have given to you the second you have born to have complete privacy. This may sound too philosophical, but the second you don’t care and giving away your privacy, you have ceased to become free men (and women) and just become a property by another entity.

If you think about it, there are many tasks that you can execute, whether it is your mobile devices, PCs, or website, without personally identify you. A calculator on your phone doesn’t need your location data. A simple website doesn’t have to know who you are in order to show their content. The list go on, but you now have the idea that many online companies use excessive amount of tracking just give you simple content.

I don’t tell you to be worry about all this tracking. All I ask you is just be aware about what others can do about your data. That’s all. If they just want to give you relatable ads, that may not sound too concerning. But remember the possibilities that some of your data may be hacked by people with sinister motives and they leak your sensitive data to the public. That’s bad right?

So remember, the more minimal you give your personal information to your favorite provider, the better that is. If you have critics or comment about this article, don’t hesitant to let me know in the comment box below. Thank you.


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