The best Torrent client in 2020

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In this article I will tell you some of the best torrent client you should use. This is important because a good torrent client will make your download faster, safer and also you can avoid any advertisements. You don’t want to look at any ads when you are downloading, aren’t you?

Not to drag you any longer, here is my pick: qbittorrent, deluge, transmission, and rtorrent/rutorrent.

Now, why I only list these four clients? The reason is simple, they are open source, no ads, simple and easy to use. Seriously, if you want to replace your current torrent client, you can’t be wrong with these. You may ask? “Why don’t you recommend BitTorrent / μTorrent on this list?” That’s a fair question, and now i will tell you why. Not only they are closed-sourced (meaning you can’t review the code in the programs), they have ads and you must pay for them! No one wants annual pay just remove ads, not to mention some of the ads contain tracking which is bad for privacy.

Let’s take quick brief on the recommended torrent client shall we:


This is by far my favorite torrent client especially if you are using dekstop windows 10, qBittorrent also available on mac and linux. The reason is simple, the user-interface is the most look alike of those μTorrent, so if your prior torrent client is Bittorrent / μTorrent, you will find comfort in qBittorrent. Graphical user interface wise, they are nearly identical, with the same option menus and customization, making qBittorrent the perfect choice for anyone that wants to jump ship from Bittorrent / μTorrent. If that’s you, than no more perfect time to try it than now.


Apart from any same characteristics I mentioned in this recommended list (open source, no ads, easy to use), deluge excel in speed. That’s right, if all you want is just download and upload speed, how quick you are to download things and seed it back to the ratio you desired, than deluge is perfect choice. No more fuss, just quickly download stuff, and quickly seed back to the community, use deluge.


What I’ve personally like about transmission is this is by far the most simple and the most lightweight torrent client out there. If you decide to try transmission, you won’t find any fancy customization whatsoever, but that’s beside the point. The default options of transmission is very suitable for most user, just install and use, no more headache of setting your torrent client. Transmission is also very lightweight in terms of using your computer processing power, if you have limited amount of RAM or older CPU, you’ll find transmission is the most transmission. If you have rather modern-spec computer then you won’t notice transmission running in the background, because how lightweight it is.

rtorrent / rutorrent

For now on, you don’t have to worry about rtorrent, because it command-line torrent and rutorrent is a graphical front-end of it. It is indeed open source and all the bell-and-whistle it provides being open source software. Most importantly, it is very popular in seedbox community (people who uses remote server for torrenting) because how stable it is to hand many torrents at the same time. If you have thousands of torrents currently seeding, rtorrent is the most stable to use, and because it is a command-line client, it also very suitable to use in remote server (seedbox).

Conclusion: in short, these are torrent clients i recommend you to use. In the future i will review every torrent clients in a more detailed manner and I also will tell many more about seedbox and many sharing files community in general. But for now, that’s all. Hope you enjoy your visit.


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