The ultimate reason why Linux will never die

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Here i will make my ultimate argument why Linux, no matter what happened, will never die. The reason I write this is because some people search “is Linux dying?” on google search. This is understandable because those people still doesn’t know that in fact, Linux is everywhere and not only for desktop computer. So, this is my argument:

The world as a whole depends on Linux to function.

Now, that is a bold statement to make, I don’t blame anyone to be surprised about that statement. The fact is, Linux is everywhere but desktop computer. If for some reason the next day Linux magically perish, then the world as we know will plunge into chaos, because how dependent everyone to Linux is. You don’t believe me? Here i will give only small examples nearly everything that has some kind of CPU right now run on Linux.

  • Internet of Things. Every IoT, even in your home, run a specifically modified version of Linux. Whether you have a full smart home suite, or you own them individually like smart speaker, smart fridge, smart rice cooker, smart lamp, smart garage lock, a CCTV and many more. Those hardware had a very high chance to run Linux. This include every IoT you’d see outside your home. Oh, you see big video-trons on the way to work showing ads? Yeah, those run on Linux too.
  • Purpose-specific hardware. There are so many things that use this operating system. I will only mention the kind of hardware that runs on air traffic controller, kiosk (remember ordering on your favorite fast food restaurant?), every cashier machines, and nearly every ARM-based electronic screen on the market.
  • Electric Cars. You may know this already but if you don’t, just search in google for “how to root Tesla” and you’ll realize that Tesla, and every electronic vehicles out there, run on Linux.
  • The entire cloud computing ecosystem. From web servers to block storage, a virtual servers, high-accelerated machine learning and AI systems, the entire big data stack and many more. Heck, even this simple website still runs on Linux, especially Debian 10 Stable.
  • Nearly every super-computer in existence. More than 95% super-computer in this world run on Linux. Microsoft tried in the early days of super computer to market their own operating system but now they already surrender. The reason Linux is so popular to be used in super computer is because the ability of this operating system to not getting in the way and just run application. When you have an almost unlimited high number to crunch, you don’t want your operating system slowing you down aren’t you? Linux is very good at that.

There you have it, as I said before, this is just a small example of things that run on Linux. Yes, on that list i still don’t mention NASA, space agencies, and everything in-between. But that’s beside the point. My point is just reminded you how everything in this world REALLY depended on Linux. I even don’t mention that your android runs on Linux-kernel too, and if you are an Apple user, the next time you search something on google, yeah that universal search engine that being used by nearly everyone on the planet, runs on Linux.


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