What is Seedbox – a Definitive Explanation

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So, in the earlier post about torrenting I mention a little about seedbox. If you’ve never heard it before, you must be wondering, what is exactly a seedbox? Not to worry, I will explain in layman terms that everybody can understand, no exception. Without further ado, this is it.

In essence, seedbox is basically your computer, specifically made for torrenting, but physically located not in your home. That’s the very easy definition, if you want to be more precise, a seedbox is a high-bandwidth remote server for uploading and downloading digital files from a P2P network. After the seedbox has acquired the files, people with access to this particular remote computers can download the file to their personal computers.

Now, what can you do with a seedbox? Rather than give complicate explanation, I will give you a list about what you can do with it:

  • High speed downloading and seeding from your seedbox. When i said “high speed” that means most seedbox have the speed of 1Gbps, that is if you download something to your remote computer, you will see very high speed as fast as 100 mega bytes per second!
  • Seeding torrent indefinitely. There are many seedbox provider which provides unlimited bandwidth. You can give back to the community as much as you can without worries about data caps.
  • Better connection to seed more. It simply means that typically a seedbox can connect better to other peers (people that download from you) than regular home connection. If you want to prop up your seeding ratio (the amount of upload relative to your download) then getting this service is a must.
  • Actually download files to your computer. Yes, even though seedbox is a remote computer, that doesn’t mean you can’t actually enjoy the content, you can simply just download them to your computer!

Next I will give reasons why you may consider getting this type of remote computer:

  • You have data caps on your home internet service providers. That means every download and upload are being counted to the data caps. This is bad because remember, torrenting is not just about downloads but also uploading back to other people. In this scenario, it is wise if you just get a seedbox and torrenting from there.
  • You are in a private trackers, when seeding ratio is counted. Then it’s natural to get a seedbox.
  • You have slow upload speeds, more often than not, your ISP will limit your upload speed because they don’t want you to have a server in your home. Getting seedbox in this case is advisable.
  • You don’t want to turn on your computer 24/7 just for torrenting. A seedbox provider will keep your torrent always on no matter what.

There are several disadvantage that you may also consider:

  • Limited storage. If you have tight budget, some seedbox providers only give you 1 TB of storage, maybe less. So keep in mind for that.
  • Bandwidth limitation. Again please read details and review about your particular providers, chance are some of them limit the bandwidth. Although many others don’t.
  • Overused disks. More often than not, if your providers oversell, there are many unlucky people who gets their disk hammered by other users. Check your providers review.
  • If your ISP is slow, seedbox won’t magically change that. This might be common sense but the actual speed from the remote computer to your computer is exactly at the whim of your ISP. For example if you have 10mbps connection and the speed to download things to your computer will exactly like that, no change whatsoever.

I hope this sort and simple explanation will give you an idea about what seedbox is. If you have any comments or critics please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.


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