Why Torrenting is the best way to transfer and download large files

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I assume that every one of you already know what torrent is (i mean the bittorrent protocol). I am here to make an argument why the bittorrent protocol is the best way to transfer, share, and download any type of files, especially large files. I don’t want to argue about the legality of torrenting, because in the end, the bittorrent protocol is just a tool, and no one can control what the user can share in torrent. I only speak here in terms of purely technical and philosophical why torrenting is better than say, a direct download from a server and any other form of transferring files online.

First, the speed. It is the nature of peer-to-peer network like torrent that when you have enough peers, your download speed will amazingly fast. The opposite is also true, when you don’t have enough peers, your download speed will noticeably slow. There are some torrents that you have to wait more than a year to complete simply because no one is seeding it. Then you ask me, why is that better than direct download? The answer lies in leveraging collective network. By seeding your torrent after downloading (and everyone is also doing the same), the download speed is always faster because the network is not throttled by single pipe. In contrast to direct download, when everyone download at the same time, the speed will always going to be slow. Why? Because everyone download on the same source, and that source, the server, always have limited bandwidth and can’t serve everyone at the same time. That way bittorrent network are superior that any type of direct download.

The next thing that we must not forget is the cost. When you are paying your monthly bill to the ISP, you must be thinking? Huh there’s no difference at all, i still pay the same amount everyday? That might be true, but remember the person on the other hand is also going to pay their bill, and that’s where this going to be complicated.

You see, the person / the server at other end serving your files typically pay higher amount of bill because of bandwidth cost. This is because, when you make a server, whether it is for commercial purpose or not, you are going to pay higher amount than typical residential internet. Why? Because the server are gonna utilize the maximum amount of bandwidth available to them. Let’s say, you pay 50$ every month for 100mbps home internet, do you always use that bandwidth? Do you always constantly downloading, streaming, uploading as high as 100 megabits per second for 24/7 non stop? I would assume the answer is no. A dedicated 100mbps bandwidth for the server is gonna cost a lot more than your typical residential internet, and that’s a fact we can’t deny.

This is why torrenting is cheaper than direct download, everyone can use the cheaper residential internet for downloading and seeding, without additional cost. And no, your internet service provider is not going to care if you are using their bandwidth for torrenting. Use it until you satisfied. If you really concern about taking all of your ISP bandwidth for torrenting, just limit your seeding ratio. A 2:1 or 3:1 seeding ratio is good enough for giving back to the community.

Lastly, I am going to say this. By torrenting, there are sense and feeling of accomplishment because you are really giving back to someone, you actually giving back to another human being by using bitorrent protocol. This is the most important aspect of bitorrent protocol: sharing to the community, sharing for greater good. If you just rely on some random server to download something, how can we be sure that server is going to stay online for another year? For the next 5 years? With bitorrent, no one can stop you for seeding indefinitely, just turn on your favorite torrent client, and you are already in the act of helping others, and that’s my friend, is wonderful.


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