Why You Should Not Use Linux

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In this post I will talk about why you should not consider of running Linux. This will be a short post. I will not talk about anything complex other than some circumstances that makes it impossible to run Linux. So, without further talk, here is it.

  1. You work in printing industry. There is no possible way to if you work at printing industry to use Linux. The reason is that many printing industry use specialized software and drivers made only for windows. We are talking here about Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and many big printers that specially made to work only for windows. Please save yourself headache and just straight up use windows in this scenario.
  2. Your company runs legacy program. If software compabilty for years (even decades) is the most important things in your organization, please don’t use Linux. The reason is simple, Microsoft build Windows operating system for legacy support. You will find many software made in 1995 that still can can run on Windows. In Linux, that is simply not possible.
  3. You only use your computer for gaming and nothing else. If the sole reason to use your PC is just for gaming, or you make it as console replacement, you should stick to Windows. My statement here is rather controversial if we consider that nowadays, Linux gaming is already good. Hear me out, there are still many games that Windows exclusive, specially AAA games, if I’d want to list it, this page won’t be enough. If you still care about privacy and security, you can use Winodws in Linux virtual machine and setting for GPU passthrough. That way, you will have the same performance as running Windows natively.
  4. Lastly, specialized software on specialized occupation. If you work on specialized field, let’s say you are a scientist, physicist, or medical professional, or any other specialized jobs. You should not bother to run linux if your software just don’t support it. Again, I know if you want to crunch that big data, 95% supercomputer run on linux, but if your software to run specific task only available in Windows, why bother to use Linux?

There you have it. In many situation it simply not possible to run Linnux at all. Other than that, you’ll be better to use Linux to take advantage of free and open source software.


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