My Experience Sharing Bittorrent Files on the Internet

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Bittorrent sharing

Let’s start this article by saying that I’m doing this for educational purpose. Because you want to have experience it to understand what it means to be sharing files on the bittorrent protocol. So, without further ado, this is what I can say about that.

First, we must discuss why I am choosing to sharing files with bittorrent. The reason is simple, I want to share my old Japanese City Pop music collection to everyone, and the most efficient way to that is by using bittorrent protocol. You’ll find the reason why bittorrent is the best way to share files from my earlier post. But, in short, your files will lives forever, because everybody who downloads your files will eventually seed it bac to community. In my opinion, this “sharing culture” is what makes bittorrent great.

Now, we talk about how I exactly do it. First, I am searching for the website to upload my .torrent files, and what I found is this wonderful site named I think it’s one of the best torrent site because after you register to that site, you can request permission to be an uploader and they will let you upload your own torrent file. I acquired my upload permission approximately two days after I ask to be an uploader to the moderator. Oh in katcr there are also forum that you can talk about anything, similar to reddit. So you can spend your time building community on that site too.

Next, what I’m going to do is simple, after I created my own .torrent file using my torrent client (in my case I’m using rutorrent), I finally begin to upload my file to katcr. To do this is simple, just head on the upload section of that website, click upload and choose your .torrent file. After that, you can fill in an additional information about what kind of file you’re uploading. In my case because I’m uploading old music, I’m filling information about track listing in that particular album that I upload.

When that’s done, voila! My torrent files now on the internet. Everyone can download, share and seed. With everything going to be expected, many people started to download my file approximately 1 hour after it has been uploaded. It feels great to know that my files is quite popular, nearly all my uploaded torrent had 20:1 ratio. Meaning more than 20 people download my torrent file.

What is the lesson we can take from my experience? It’s simple, everything you can do on the internet can be used for good things and bad things. In my case, I believe it is a good thing to do because you can share your file to the world and subsequently share your happiness to everyone. And I am firm believer that everything you can sow you can reap the benefit later. By uplo


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